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Meade County has a Property Maintenance Ordinance, and a P&Z Field Representative whose responsibility is to investigate and resolve violations of the ordinance. Voluntary compliance by the violator with-in a stated amount of time, is the prime goal. The Field Representative can offer advice and possible assistance to accomplish the goal. However, when a violator does not bring the property into compliance, a citation (ticket) will be issued, with an associated fine.
Should the violator disagree with the citation, then they may bring their case before the Meade County Property Maintenance Board of Appeals. The Board may take several actions which include, but are not limited to, authorizing more time to bring the property into compliance, maintain/increase the fine.
Should the violator not agree with the Board’s decision, then they may hire a lawyer and appeal to the District Court.

  1. Code Enforcement always attempts contact with property owners. The Field Rep. generally allows at least 14 days, but in most cases 30 days to bring the property into compliance.
  2. The citation states your options and gives instructions if you disagree with the citation.
  3. Property owners who have received citations: Do Not attempt to contact the code enforcement officer who issued the citation. Follow the instructions on the citation.

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